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Month: October 2017

Construction Of Roof Systems To Trap The Energy From The Sun

Construction of alternate systems for electricity generation, especially from the sun, involves certain installations and preparations as well. Often the roof surface of a building might not be optimally designed for construction of panels that can capture energy from the sun effectively. In such cases the roof surface needs to be prepared so that the installation is deemed effective and would produce the desirable amount of energy.

How to install sun capturing boards?

When it comes to installation of solar panels, these are photovoltaic modules that capture solar energy. This is then stored in bays of batteries that are created from where energy can be drawn as required. Solar roof panels are usually designed as solar thermal collectors. Buildings usually have hot water panels which collect heat. The panels have a liquid that flows through the installed pipelines that in turn stay attached to absorber panels. Hence, this system helps to create hot water supply to homes and buildings along with electricity generation through solar power. Absorber panels are usually coated with a black color that can absorb more heat from the sun. As the sunlight heats up the panels this in turn helps to heat the liquid that flows through the pipes; in certain cases, as in larger buildings, there might be a different kind of liquid other than water that flows through these pipelines. Browse this website to find out more details.

How to generate electrical energy?

The solar panel installation is done with photovoltaic panels that help to generate electrical energy. In many homes, the heating systems are found to be cost effective and help to reduce the cost of generating hot water that is needed for several functions. The homes or buildings that have panels installed for electricity generation have large arrays of photovoltaic panels installed. These capture direct sunlight and the electrical energy that is generated is then stored in batteries. As more and more urban areas see rising costs of traditional electricity usage, many home and building owners are getting solar panels installed on their roofs.For those who wish to get solar roofs on their buildings, they can contact a solar panel installer in their region. Many electrical companies offer such solutions that include the sale of the panel systems along with installation and support features. Many governments even provide incentives to building owner such as a reduction in their property tax burden if they invest in solar panel installation. This also helps to make homes and buildings, energy efficient and ready for the future, increasing the value of properties that have solar panels installed on them.


What is the deal with solar panels anyways?
-Don’t get me wrong I’m up for clean energy and saving the world and all that but how is that I end up receiving almost nothing as a ‘’feed in tariff’’? I am still at the losing end of the deal because the system itself cost me a good buck .What good is a greener earth if I do not live to see it tomorrow because I am too damn broke to feed myself?-Of course I would never say this out loud because I am too much of a people pleaser and afraid my kids will think I am a horrible parent but I think this to my self all the time and never get around to do anything about it, because when I am not worried about money I am worried about my two kids and the toddler at home.Correction, I did nothing up until I read about solar panels with a battery operated storage system.

This is how it works:

  • Solar panels absorb sunlight and thereby provides direct current to the battery.
  • Electricity from your solar panel IS used to charge the battery bank, so instead of excess energy going to the grid, it gets stored up to be used later.
  • The victron inverter will promptly start up in the event that your solar system does not cater to the electricity demand of your home.
  • In case of a power outage selected loads will remain be powered.
  • So all in all, if your consumption of electricity is moderate your home would be a independent, self-consumption energy systems:
    Battery operated solar storage systems are powered by batteries of two kinds. The Aquion saltwater batteries is considered the safest, and most environmentally-friendly batteries available, and they are not too rough on the pocket.

Lithium batteries for the solar panel systems are independent devices that has an inbuilt protective system in place to eradicate the proberbility of damages at its charge station or while providing power to your home. Our modules come with a life span of over 10 years and will fit right next to your home’s meter box. They require very low upkeep and maintenance, meaning not only will you save up on your bill but you can stock up on your energy too.Today is a day good as any to make the real switch. By Having solar powered, self-consuming energy systems at your residence or business you will not only help yourself , you will be giving the children of tomorrow a chance to experience the same wonderful things we did as children. Go green! Give them a chance at sustainable life! See this post to find out more details.

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